A serverless, scalable database with predictable pricing
Free - up to 3 DBs
Get started in seconds
3GiB max storage
Pool of 500M row operations
200 row operations / second added to pool (up to 500M total)
Additional Product Features
Postgres with common extensions
Automated upgrades
Role-based access control
250ms cold start
Service accounts
Bulk imports are free
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Pro - starting at $5
Performance DB with autoscale
100 GiB soft storage limit
Pool of 2.5B row operations
1000 row operations / second added to pool (up to 2.5B total)
Burst row operations when pool is empty for $1 / 100M
Set a monthly burst limit
You are only charged for burst usage when the row operations pool is empty
0B Row Operations
$0 max additional spend
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Additional Product Features
Optimized compute
7 days of backups
99.99% HA with 250ms failover
Email Support
11 9s storage durability
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The old way
Pay for the compute you provisioned
Traditionally, you provisioned databases by compute and ram. You pay even when usageis low. You’re also often stuck with what you provisioned, even when demand increases.
The bit.io way
Pay for the row operations you actually do
With always-available minimum performance and budgeted monthly burst capacity
row operation
(RO) is a logical read, write, update, or delete of a data row
Queries consume row operations from a pool
An always-refilling row operations pool ensures an always-available database
If the pool is empty, the database canstill burst with additional capacity
Works for any budget
and scale
Free databases never shut down when they hit a limit.
Pro databases provide burst capacity to handle extra load.
Free Database
200 row operations per second, always available. 3 DBs for free.
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Pro Database
1000 row operations per second, always available for $5 per month. Autoscale to the capacity you need for $1 per 100M ROs. Set a monthly spend limit to control costs.
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How many Row Operations do I need?
How many rows of data
will you be querying?
Will those queries use indexes?
(Recommended for production)
How many queries are running
simultaneously per second?
ROs per Second
ROs per Month
Max Cost per Month
This is only an estimate of usage. The particular indexing approach and query patterns may have different actual use.
Upgrade to a paid database without autoscaling. It will have guaranteed capacity and won’t fall over as you approach limits, instead it will just slow down.
3GiB max storage
Burst to 200 ROPS
Postgres with common extensions
Role-based access control
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How do I control my costs?
Set your monthly burst limit to be within your target budget. Whenever burst usage exceeds that limit and the RO pool is empty, your database will slow down. You’re never be charged above the budget.
Can I turn off my database?
bit.io is a serverless database so there are no “start” or “stop” settings. The $5 base fee pays for storage, the RO pool, and other managed database features like backups, failover, etc.
What are ROs and why bill by them?
A “Row Operation” (RO) is a read, write, update, or delete of one row of data in your database. ROPS (Row Operations Per Seconds) are the number of “Row Operations” done in one second.

ROs represent the logical usage of your data. The less things you do to your data, the less you should pay. On the other hand, compute and RAM are hard to predict/tune in advance so you can leave that to us.
Does my database raise errors when I hit the row operations burst limit?
No, it will just slow down. Because your RO pool is always refilling, your database will perform at the pool fill rate until you either increase the limit or the billing period ends and spend is reset.
What is an RO pool? How does the pool fill?
The row operations pool is an auto-filling reserve of row operations that you consume when doing database operations. If the pool is empty, your database can still burst for an additional fee of $1 per 100M row operations.

The pool fills up automatically with more operations every second -- 200 for Free and 1000 for Pro. And, the pool drains when you perform row operations.

It’s like a gas tank this is always slowly refilling. If you run out of gas, you can choose to drive at the refill rate or pay extra to speed up as required. When you first create the database, you get a full tank of gas, too.
What happens when I hit my monthly RO limit?
When usage exceeds the monthly RO limit you’ve set, your database will slow down to the pool refill rate but never stop or raise errors.