Frequently Asked Questions

What's is the modern way to work with data. We make it one-click easy to work with databases - need to share a database with someone?

We take care of the database - no more need for you to set up, secure, back up, monitor or otherwise run a database. We take care of that for you.

Is my data private?

By default, your data is private. You choose who can see it. You can, if you want, set your repository to public.

Is for data analysis or for applications?

Yes! :)

We’re a postgres-compatible database, so you can use us anywhere you’d use postgres - whether that’s for analysis or for the backend database for your application, that’s up to you.

For analysis, shines when:

  • You don’t want to run your own database (and who wants that? We handle the security, backups, maintenance, updates, and so on for you)
  • You’ve a bunch of data spread across CSV, XLS, JSON and other files, and wish it was all in one place so you can join all that data with a single SQL query. Just drag and drop those files into your repository and you’re ready to query with your favorite BI tool.
  • You want to join across multiple databases - private or public. We’ve a growing set of public databases you can join with your private or public data with a single SQL query. On you can easily join across multiple repositories using standard SQL syntax.
  • You want to work with others. Our sharing is as easy as Google Docs - want to give your new hire permission to query your repos? It’s a click away in the share dialog. Want to remove someones access to a repo? Again, it’s a click away. No password sharing.

For applications,

  • Means you never have to maintain, secure, backup, update, or otherwise run your database - we got you.
  • Keeps your data secure. We encrypt your data in motion and at rest. Have you tried setting up TLS/SSL on a Postgres database? Not fun, and not only that, on stock postgres clients can just ignore TLS. With TLS is required.
  • Is fast. itself can be thought of as a latency-sensitive high-throughput transaction processing system. Your application gets to take advantage of that scale out of the box.

How much does it cost to use

We're still in beta so there's no pricing yet. Pricing page in October 2021. We anticipate the pricing to be much like Github — accounts are free, public data is free, the ability to have private repos cost some small amount per month and included in that fee is 1TB of scanned data. Once that TB is used up, you pay on a per-TB scanned basis at some reasonable cost per TB (much like how BigQuery/Athena works).

Recently, many companies have offered "free" products that infringe on your privacy or rely on advertising. To be clear, does not resell your data or make money via ads, etc.
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