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Get a private Postgres database in 1 click that works with 100s of platforms. Add data in seconds.

Drag and Drop
Have data locally? Drag it right here and we'll add it to a new database.
Want an empty database instead?
Start fresh with an empty database and then upload whatever you want.
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Get started with a few lines of code.

Import, query, browse, plot. All in one place.

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Import any file in seconds
We determine the data schema so you don’t have to. Drag a file onto and create a new repo; Or, add the data to an existing repo or table.
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A standard PostgreSQL database
Everything you can do in Postgres you can do in - only easier, and you don’t have to do any of the administration work.
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Edit your SQL on the web. No need to install a binary on your machine - just write your SQL on the web.
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Connect any database tool in 1 click works with any Postgres-compatible BI tool, and our connect button quickly links you to your favorite BI tool or notebooking platform.
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Easy Plotting
Quickly plot your query results - is the fastest way to go from file to database to query to plot.
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Documentation lives with data
Programmers know the documentation needs to be with the code, and with your table documentation is next to your SQL. Use Markdown to easily create docs!

The most secure
database you’ll ever use is secure by default — Stop accidentally leaving your database open to the internet with a default password - or no password at all. With, your data is secure in motion (with TLS/SSL) and at rest (encrypted on the disk). Revoke access with the click of a button rather than an arcane SQL statement.

Connect with your favorite

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We have some big features planned

Cross-Join Your Data
SELECT across repos and generate unique insights.
One-Click Sharing
Share your data to any user on, or invite someone to your data with their email address. Grant them reader, writer, or admin with a single click.
Public/Private Data
Data is private by default on, but it doesn’t have to stay private. Make any repo public and allow the world to join against your data.
Embed Your Data
Have a web page that you want to show your data on? lets you embed the query editor, plots, and results on any web page.
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